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ReadNotify.com Privacy Statement.

  • At no time will ReadNotify use or permit the use of any email address encountered by the Service to be used for the distribution of unsolicted or bulk email or advertising material, or SPAM.

  • Passwords are not recorded by ReadNotify. ReadNotify uses a hash algorithm on passwords which renders them unreconstructable. Because of this, ReadNotify will not and can not disclose your password to anyone.

  • Subject to the limitations in the following paragraph, ReadNotify will never disclose your email address to anyone outside the Service without your prior instruction. ReadNotify will never disclose outside the Service any email addresses you send from or to during your use of the Service without your prior instruction. The ReadNotify Service automatically modifies your email contents to enable its' tracking. Once modified and trasmitted, your email contents are removed from ReadNotify computers. Aside from the purpose of applying these modifications, ReadNotify does not monitor email contents. If you select to view your reports on ReadNotify web pages, it is necessary for ReadNotify to record for you some details of emails you send in order to produce the reports you request. This includes the Subject and sender and recipient email addresses of mail you send, and additional information about the reception and reading of your email. You may erase this information at any time from the report web page in the Service.

  • Some or all of the above paragraph may not apply in the event that i) ReadNotify is required by law to act otherwise; or ii) ReadNotify in the good faith and belief that action is necessary to protect and defend ReadNotify's rights or property acts otherwise; or iii) when necessary to protect the personal safety of Members or the public. Using the Service to send an email is one such example of "your prior instruction" for the purpose of the prior paragraph.

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