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How we can help  
How we can help.

In business, effective communication is absolutely essential.  In an environment increasingly dominated by the internet, ReadNotify is the world leader in business email communication intelligence.

We offer a unique set of features to improve both the reliaibility and the certainty of corporate email.  The ability to know when correspondence has been received and opened is an invaluable tool that can save you time and money.  Certified Proof-of-Posting and Proof-of-Opening are world-first email solutions that work with all recipients.  These features are unique to ReadNotify.

ReadNotify offers flexible business pricing based on email volume and nuber of users.  For information on our customisable business products and quotes, contact us today at .
Note the "message opened" informational tag on the first sent item in this Microsoft Outlook screenshot.
This example shows Microsoft outlook's integrated email tracking correctly reporting a ReadNotify-tracked email.

Improve your business. Now everyone in your business has seamless access to message-reading information. As you may already know, your existing email software has the facility to "thread" or "flag" RFC compliant "return receipts" which lets you tell at a glance when your email has been read.
Unlike your existing "return receipts" however (which, if you use them, you will have discovered almost never work, since they are mostly cancelled, and are not even implemented for webmail recipients), ReadNotify does in fact almost always work, no matter who your recipients are. See the examples to the right of this paragraph:

Save Money. You can now send your important documents by email, and enjoy full tracking history with more informative and reliable information - all without the expense of couriers. Unlike traditional paper tracking, ReadNotify certified receipts provide irrefutable proof of the date and time you sent your email, the date and time it was received, and the date and time it was opened.

Protect yourself. Our digitally signed proof-of-sending and proof-of-reading certificates are the only ones of their kind. Nowhere else can you get a certificate that guarantees posting and reading date and time irrefutably.

Here are ReadNotify advantages at-a-glance:

Seamless integration. ReadNotify can be installed as software on your existing mail server, or as an additional stand-alone solution alongside your mail server, or by merely changing a setting in your existing mail server or email clients and using our secure internet mail facilities.

Extreme reliability. Our advanced combination of tracking technologies ensures your receipts are produced far more often than any alternative. We function with more email clients, and more web-mail products than anything else available.

Read-Notifications. When email you have sent gets opened, ReadNotify informs you of the date and time it was read, along with some or all of the following:

  • How long it was read for
  • Who read it
  • The approximate physical location of the reader
  • Whether or not your email was forwarded to someone else (and sometimes who to)
  • What kind of computer was used to read it
  • What file formats the reader can accept (eg: PDF files or Microsoft office documents)
  • Whether or not your email has been published on the internet (and where)
  • Various other information which completes your emails full tracking history

Digital certificate "proof". You can choose to have your email and/or read-notifications digitally time-stamped. These certificates irrevocably link the contents of your email and/or read-notifications to the exact date and time, and are digitally signed and therefore not prone to forgery or fraud. Each certificate is serialized and a regular "digest of signatures" is published creating an indelible digital "paper trail of trust" which is why our certificates are the only ones of their kind that are irrefutable.

Ensured Receipts. You can elect to ensure you always get a read-notification when your email is opened, if you don't mind making your recipient go back online if they happen to be disconnected when they read their email for the first time.

Message Retracting. If you've used Ensured Receipts you can retract your email contents before, and even after, it has been received.

Self-Destructing Email. You can specify exactly how long you reader has got before the email disappears completely. You can also prevent mark/copy/paste, printing, and forwarding etc, as well as retract your email before it's read if you wish.

URL "Link" tracking. If you have sent a web-site address in an email, this option lets you know if your recipient clicked on the web link you sent (and when).

Alerts via SMS, ICQ, Pager, Web-Page, and/or email. You can select any combination from a variety of different ways to receive your read notifications.

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